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Note: Depending on the map, state could refer to a state, province or country.

Properties (these overwrite the properties in the main settings)
name Primarily for identification purposes. However, you can overwrite a state's name.
description This will fill up the popup and can include HTML/CSS. If it exists, it will overwrite main_settings.state_description.
color The state's color. If it exists, it will overwrite main_settings.state_color.
hover_color The state's hover_color. If it exists, it will overwrite main_settings.state_hover_color.
url The url when the state is clicked. (e.g. ''). If it exists, it will overwrite main_settings.state_url.
hide 'yes' makes the state invisible.
zoomable 'yes' will zoom into the state upon click instead of redirecting to the url. If it exists, it will overwrite main_settings.all_states_zoomable
zoom_percentage The percentage of the canvas that a zoomed state should take up. (e.g. '.9', would create a 10% border around the zoomed state).
inactive 'yes' will make hovering or clicking on a state have no effect. If it exists, it will overwrite main_settings.all_states_inactive
popup Override main_settings.popups for this state.
border_color The state's border color. Note, state borders overlap, so you should use the same color for states that border each other. This is best used for small islands.

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