Visualization: Where do the 2016 U.S. Gold Medalists Call Home?

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The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics have concluded and the United States cleaned up! Team USA brought home 46 gold medals, 19 more than the next closest country, Great Britain.

Part of the magic of the Olympics is that unknown athletes from across the country can suddenly be thrown into the national spotlight. And that feeds the fantasy, however faint, that we too may have what it takes to be an Olympic champion. This got me thinking that it would be interesting to visualize the hometown of every US gold medalist.

Zoom around the map above to find which states excel at which sports or search for the gold medalist closest to your hometown. You can click on an icon to search Google and learn more about an athlete. If you find any errors or have any comments let me know on Twitter via @cyouderian.

-Chris Youderian, 8-23-2016



Feel free to share this visualization. If you do share, please link back to this page.

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