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This documentation is designed to help you customize and install your interactive map. All the maps we sell can be customized by editing the map's mapdata.js file in a text editor like Notepad++.

To make things easier, we've built an online customization tool that creates this mapdata.js for you. To get started, select your map:

If you'd rather edit your maps manually. The process is as follows:

  1. Download your map as a zip file.
    You can do this after using our customization tool, or by going to the map you are interested in and clicking "Download Free Trial".

  2. Extract your map
    If you have not already done so, extract the folder you downloaded. You can do this using software like WinZip, 7-Zip, or the built-in Windows extraction software. If you use Windows 7, you can see this demonstration.

  3. Test the map
    • Go to the folder you extracted and open test.html in a browser.
    • You should see the map.
    • You can refresh the browser to see changes as you make as you customize the map.

  4. Customize the map (you can skip this if you customized online)

    Open the file mapdata.js with a text editor such as Notepad. DO NOT use Microsoft Word! If you use an editor that highlights syntax (like Notepad++) the beginning of the file will look something like this:

    Note: For simplicity, all states/countries/provinces are referred to as states.

    Scan through the file to understand its structure. It is organized as follows:

    Edit a property, save the mapdata.js file, and then verify that your changes were made by opening the test.html file in a browser.

  5. Install the map
    When you have finished customizing the map, click on the following to install the map:

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