66031   Zip Code New Century Johnson KS United States

City New Century
County Johnson
State Kansas
Latitude 38.82975
Longitude -94.89142
Population 617
Density 189.12 people per square mile
Time Zone America/Chicago
  • All demographic data comes from the 2021 American Community Survey (5-year study).
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Household Income

No data available.


Mode: 71.8% White


 95.9% male 


No data available.


Median: 34.1 years old


With at least college degree: 9.5%
With STEM degree: 83.0%

Marital Status

 8.6% married 

Never married: 64.5%

Labor Force Participation

No data available.

Average Family Size

No data available.

Commute Time

No data available.

Health Care

No data available


No data available

All data comes from the SimpleMaps US Zips Comprehensive Database, October 2023.

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