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118th Congress
117th Congress also available.

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Add location markers to the map using only latitude and longitude. Choose shapes or images. Easily customize the size, color, and description.

Clickable Districts

Congressional districts can act as links. Click on a district and go to a specific url. Use the map to simplify your websites user interface.

Fully Customizable

Almost every aspect of the map can be customized. Colors, descriptions, links, labels, locations, regions and much more.

Included Congressional Districts

This map includes the following congressional districts:

  AK00: "District 00",
  AL01: "AL01 District",
  AL02: "AL02 District",
  AL03: "AL03 District",
  AL04: "AL04 District",
  AL05: "AL05 District",
  AL06: "AL06 District",
  AL07: "AL07 District",
  AR01: "AR01 District",
  AR02: "AR02 District",
  AR03: "AR03 District",
  AR04: "AR04 District",
  AZ01: "AZ01 District",
  AZ02: "AZ02 District",
  AZ03: "AZ03 District",
  AZ04: "AZ04 District",
  AZ05: "AZ05 District",
  AZ06: "AZ06 District",
  AZ07: "AZ07 District",
  AZ08: "AZ08 District",
  AZ09: "AZ09 District",
  CA01: "CA01 District",
  CA02: "CA02 District",
  CA03: "CA03 District",
  CA04: "CA04 District",
  CA05: "CA05 District",
  CA06: "CA06 District",
  CA07: "CA07 District",
  CA08: "CA08 District",
  CA09: "CA09 District",
  CA10: "CA10 District",
  CA11: "CA11 District",
  CA12: "CA12 District",
  CA13: "CA13 District",
  CA14: "CA14 District",
  CA15: "CA15 District",
  CA16: "CA16 District",
  CA17: "CA17 District",
  CA18: "CA18 District",
  CA19: "CA19 District",
  CA20: "CA20 District",
  CA21: "CA21 District",
  CA22: "CA22 District",
  CA23: "CA23 District",
  CA24: "CA24 District",
  CA25: "CA25 District",
  CA26: "CA26 District",
  CA27: "CA27 District",
  CA28: "CA28 District",
  CA29: "CA29 District",
  CA30: "CA30 District",
  CA31: "CA31 District",
  CA32: "CA32 District",
  CA33: "CA33 District",
  CA34: "CA34 District",
  CA35: "CA35 District",
  CA36: "CA36 District",
  CA37: "CA37 District",
  CA38: "CA38 District",
  CA39: "CA39 District",
  CA40: "CA40 District",
  CA41: "CA41 District",
  CA42: "CA42 District",
  CA43: "CA43 District",
  CA44: "CA44 District",
  CA45: "CA45 District",
  CA46: "CA46 District",
  CA47: "CA47 District",
  CA48: "CA48 District",
  CA49: "CA49 District",
  CA50: "CA50 District",
  CA51: "CA51 District",
  CA52: "CA52 District",
  CO01: "CO01 District",
  CO02: "CO02 District",
  CO03: "CO03 District",
  CO04: "CO04 District",
  CO05: "CO05 District",
  CO06: "CO06 District",
  CO07: "CO07 District",
  CO08: "CO08 District",
  CT01: "CT01 District",
  CT02: "CT02 District",
  CT03: "CT03 District",
  CT04: "CT04 District",
  CT05: "CT05 District",
  DC98: "DC98 District",
  DE00: "DE00 District",
  FL01: "FL01 District",
  FL02: "FL02 District",
  FL03: "FL03 District",
  FL04: "FL04 District",
  FL05: "FL05 District",
  FL06: "FL06 District",
  FL07: "FL07 District",
  FL08: "FL08 District",
  FL09: "FL09 District",
  FL10: "FL10 District",
  FL11: "FL11 District",
  FL12: "FL12 District",
  FL13: "FL13 District",
  FL14: "FL14 District",
  FL15: "FL15 District",
  FL16: "FL16 District",
  FL17: "FL17 District",
  FL18: "FL18 District",
  FL19: "FL19 District",
  FL20: "FL20 District",
  FL21: "FL21 District",
  FL22: "FL22 District",
  FL23: "FL23 District",
  FL24: "FL24 District",
  FL25: "FL25 District",
  FL26: "FL26 District",
  FL27: "FL27 District",
  FL28: "FL28 District",
  GA01: "GA01 District",
  GA02: "GA02 District",
  GA03: "GA03 District",
  GA04: "GA04 District",
  GA05: "GA05 District",
  GA06: "GA06 District",
  GA07: "GA07 District",
  GA08: "GA08 District",
  GA09: "GA09 District",
  GA10: "GA10 District",
  GA11: "GA11 District",
  GA12: "GA12 District",
  GA13: "GA13 District",
  GA14: "GA14 District",
  HI01: "District 01",
  HI02: "District 02",
  IA01: "IA01 District",
  IA02: "IA02 District",
  IA03: "IA03 District",
  IA04: "IA04 District",
  ID01: "ID01 District",
  ID02: "ID02 District",
  IL01: "IL01 District",
  IL02: "IL02 District",
  IL03: "IL03 District",
  IL04: "IL04 District",
  IL05: "IL05 District",
  IL06: "IL06 District",
  IL07: "IL07 District",
  IL08: "IL08 District",
  IL09: "IL09 District",
  IL10: "IL10 District",
  IL11: "IL11 District",
  IL12: "IL12 District",
  IL13: "IL13 District",
  IL14: "IL14 District",
  IL15: "IL15 District",
  IL16: "IL16 District",
  IL17: "IL17 District",
  IN01: "IN01 District",
  IN02: "IN02 District",
  IN03: "IN03 District",
  IN04: "IN04 District",
  IN05: "IN05 District",
  IN06: "IN06 District",
  IN07: "IN07 District",
  IN08: "IN08 District",
  IN09: "IN09 District",
  KS01: "KS01 District",
  KS02: "KS02 District",
  KS03: "KS03 District",
  KS04: "KS04 District",
  KY01: "KY01 District",
  KY02: "KY02 District",
  KY03: "KY03 District",
  KY04: "KY04 District",
  KY05: "KY05 District",
  KY06: "KY06 District",
  LA01: "LA01 District",
  LA02: "LA02 District",
  LA03: "LA03 District",
  LA04: "LA04 District",
  LA05: "LA05 District",
  LA06: "LA06 District",
  MA01: "MA01 District",
  MA02: "MA02 District",
  MA03: "MA03 District",
  MA04: "MA04 District",
  MA05: "MA05 District",
  MA06: "MA06 District",
  MA07: "MA07 District",
  MA08: "MA08 District",
  MA09: "MA09 District",
  MD01: "MD01 District",
  MD02: "MD02 District",
  MD03: "MD03 District",
  MD04: "MD04 District",
  MD05: "MD05 District",
  MD06: "MD06 District",
  MD07: "MD07 District",
  MD08: "MD08 District",
  ME01: "ME01 District",
  ME02: "ME02 District",
  MI01: "MI01 District",
  MI02: "MI02 District",
  MI03: "MI03 District",
  MI04: "MI04 District",
  MI05: "MI05 District",
  MI06: "MI06 District",
  MI07: "MI07 District",
  MI08: "MI08 District",
  MI09: "MI09 District",
  MI10: "MI10 District",
  MI11: "MI11 District",
  MI12: "MI12 District",
  MI13: "MI13 District",
  MN01: "MN01 District",
  MN02: "MN02 District",
  MN03: "MN03 District",
  MN04: "MN04 District",
  MN05: "MN05 District",
  MN06: "MN06 District",
  MN07: "MN07 District",
  MN08: "MN08 District",
  MO01: "MO01 District",
  MO02: "MO02 District",
  MO03: "MO03 District",
  MO04: "MO04 District",
  MO05: "MO05 District",
  MO06: "MO06 District",
  MO07: "MO07 District",
  MO08: "MO08 District",
  MS01: "MS01 District",
  MS02: "MS02 District",
  MS03: "MS03 District",
  MS04: "MS04 District",
  MT01: "MT01 District",
  MT02: "MT02 District",
  NC01: "NC01 District",
  NC02: "NC02 District",
  NC03: "NC03 District",
  NC04: "NC04 District",
  NC05: "NC05 District",
  NC06: "NC06 District",
  NC07: "NC07 District",
  NC08: "NC08 District",
  NC09: "NC09 District",
  NC10: "NC10 District",
  NC11: "NC11 District",
  NC12: "NC12 District",
  NC13: "NC13 District",
  NC14: "NC14 District",
  ND00: "ND00 District",
  NE01: "NE01 District",
  NE02: "NE02 District",
  NE03: "NE03 District",
  NH01: "NH01 District",
  NH02: "NH02 District",
  NJ01: "NJ01 District",
  NJ02: "NJ02 District",
  NJ03: "NJ03 District",
  NJ04: "NJ04 District",
  NJ05: "NJ05 District",
  NJ06: "NJ06 District",
  NJ07: "NJ07 District",
  NJ08: "NJ08 District",
  NJ09: "NJ09 District",
  NJ10: "NJ10 District",
  NJ11: "NJ11 District",
  NJ12: "NJ12 District",
  NM01: "NM01 District",
  NM02: "NM02 District",
  NM03: "NM03 District",
  NV01: "NV01 District",
  NV02: "NV02 District",
  NV03: "NV03 District",
  NV04: "NV04 District",
  NY01: "NY01 District",
  NY02: "NY02 District",
  NY03: "NY03 District",
  NY04: "NY04 District",
  NY05: "NY05 District",
  NY06: "NY06 District",
  NY07: "NY07 District",
  NY08: "NY08 District",
  NY09: "NY09 District",
  NY10: "NY10 District",
  NY11: "NY11 District",
  NY12: "NY12 District",
  NY13: "NY13 District",
  NY14: "NY14 District",
  NY15: "NY15 District",
  NY16: "NY16 District",
  NY17: "NY17 District",
  NY18: "NY18 District",
  NY19: "NY19 District",
  NY20: "NY20 District",
  NY21: "NY21 District",
  NY22: "NY22 District",
  NY23: "NY23 District",
  NY24: "NY24 District",
  NY25: "NY25 District",
  NY26: "NY26 District",
  OH01: "OH01 District",
  OH02: "OH02 District",
  OH03: "OH03 District",
  OH04: "OH04 District",
  OH05: "OH05 District",
  OH06: "OH06 District",
  OH07: "OH07 District",
  OH08: "OH08 District",
  OH09: "OH09 District",
  OH10: "OH10 District",
  OH11: "OH11 District",
  OH12: "OH12 District",
  OH13: "OH13 District",
  OH14: "OH14 District",
  OH15: "OH15 District",
  OK01: "OK01 District",
  OK02: "OK02 District",
  OK03: "OK03 District",
  OK04: "OK04 District",
  OK05: "OK05 District",
  OR01: "OR01 District",
  OR02: "OR02 District",
  OR03: "OR03 District",
  OR04: "OR04 District",
  OR05: "OR05 District",
  OR06: "OR06 District",
  PA01: "PA01 District",
  PA02: "PA02 District",
  PA03: "PA03 District",
  PA04: "PA04 District",
  PA05: "PA05 District",
  PA06: "PA06 District",
  PA07: "PA07 District",
  PA08: "PA08 District",
  PA09: "PA09 District",
  PA10: "PA10 District",
  PA11: "PA11 District",
  PA12: "PA12 District",
  PA13: "PA13 District",
  PA14: "PA14 District",
  PA15: "PA15 District",
  PA16: "PA16 District",
  PA17: "PA17 District",
  RI01: "RI01 District",
  RI02: "RI02 District",
  SC01: "SC01 District",
  SC02: "SC02 District",
  SC03: "SC03 District",
  SC04: "SC04 District",
  SC05: "SC05 District",
  SC06: "SC06 District",
  SC07: "SC07 District",
  SD00: "SD00 District",
  TN01: "TN01 District",
  TN02: "TN02 District",
  TN03: "TN03 District",
  TN04: "TN04 District",
  TN05: "TN05 District",
  TN06: "TN06 District",
  TN07: "TN07 District",
  TN08: "TN08 District",
  TN09: "TN09 District",
  TX01: "TX01 District",
  TX02: "TX02 District",
  TX03: "TX03 District",
  TX04: "TX04 District",
  TX05: "TX05 District",
  TX06: "TX06 District",
  TX07: "TX07 District",
  TX08: "TX08 District",
  TX09: "TX09 District",
  TX10: "TX10 District",
  TX11: "TX11 District",
  TX12: "TX12 District",
  TX13: "TX13 District",
  TX14: "TX14 District",
  TX15: "TX15 District",
  TX16: "TX16 District",
  TX17: "TX17 District",
  TX18: "TX18 District",
  TX19: "TX19 District",
  TX20: "TX20 District",
  TX21: "TX21 District",
  TX22: "TX22 District",
  TX23: "TX23 District",
  TX24: "TX24 District",
  TX25: "TX25 District",
  TX26: "TX26 District",
  TX27: "TX27 District",
  TX28: "TX28 District",
  TX29: "TX29 District",
  TX30: "TX30 District",
  TX31: "TX31 District",
  TX32: "TX32 District",
  TX33: "TX33 District",
  TX34: "TX34 District",
  TX35: "TX35 District",
  TX36: "TX36 District",
  TX37: "TX37 District",
  TX38: "TX38 District",
  UT01: "UT01 District",
  UT02: "UT02 District",
  UT03: "UT03 District",
  UT04: "UT04 District",
  VA01: "VA01 District",
  VA02: "VA02 District",
  VA03: "VA03 District",
  VA04: "VA04 District",
  VA05: "VA05 District",
  VA06: "VA06 District",
  VA07: "VA07 District",
  VA08: "VA08 District",
  VA09: "VA09 District",
  VA10: "VA10 District",
  VA11: "VA11 District",
  VT00: "VT00 District",
  WA01: "WA01 District",
  WA02: "WA02 District",
  WA03: "WA03 District",
  WA04: "WA04 District",
  WA05: "WA05 District",
  WA06: "WA06 District",
  WA07: "WA07 District",
  WA08: "WA08 District",
  WA09: "WA09 District",
  WA10: "WA10 District",
  WI01: "WI01 District",
  WI02: "WI02 District",
  WI03: "WI03 District",
  WI04: "WI04 District",
  WI05: "WI05 District",
  WI06: "WI06 District",
  WI07: "WI07 District",
  WI08: "WI08 District",
  WV01: "WV01 District",
  WV02: "WV02 District",
  WY00: "WY00 District"


Does the map work on iPhones and iPads?

Yes! It does.

Does the map require jQuery or other dependencies?

No. The map does not use any jQuery and it won't interfere with jQuery or other common libraries you may be using on your page.

Does this map use Adobe Flash?

No, this map replaces the Flash Congress map that we used to sell. At this point, Flash is a dying technology and we have deprecated our Flash maps.

What browsers are supported?

Chrome, Firefox, Safari 3.2+, iOS Safari 3.2+, Opera, Opera Mobile, Internet Explorer 7+, Android Browser 3+, Android Chrome and more.

Does this map reflect the 118th Congress that will be seated in Januray of 2023?

Yes, it is for the 118th Congress. It reflects the redistricting that occured after the 2020 Census. If you need the 117th Congress, we also offer that. You can use either map (or both) with a single license.

How did you get the 118th Congress borders?

Since 118th Congress map borders have not yet been released by the US Census Bureau, we aggregated the new borders that have been approved by each state.

Can I customize a map using older borders, like for the 114th or 115th Congress?

Yes, please contact us and we'll create an online customization for you using historic borders. There is no additional charge for this service.

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