77663   Zip Code Village Mills Hardin TX United States

City Village Mills
County Hardin
State Texas
Latitude 30.51239
Longitude -94.39544
Population 1,014
Density 46.89 people per square mile
Time Zone America/Chicago
  • All demographic data comes from the 2019 American Community Survey (5-year study).
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Household Income

No data available.


Mode: 100.0% White


 61.4% male 


No data available.


Median: 59.1 years old


With at least college degree: 10.8%
With STEM degree: 65.5%

Marital Status

 77.8% married 

Never married: 3.5%

Labor Force Participation

 25.0% working 

Unemployed: 0.0%

Average Family Size

No data available.

Commute Time

 42.1 minutes 

Health Care

 17.5% uninsured 



All data comes from the SimpleMaps US Zips Comprehensive Database, January 2021.

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