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HTML5 Map built with JavaScript and SVG
Includes source Shapefile and GeoJSON.

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Customizable Map of Jacksonville's Neighborhoods

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Our Jacksonville, FL map is part of the HTML5 City/Neighborhoods Map license that we sell. We've overlayed neighborhood boundaries over a minimalistic static map of Jacksonville* showing major roads, parks, bodies of water and more.

Our JavaScript-based maps are zoomable, clickable, responsive, and easy to customize using our online tool. Easily add labels, change neighborhood colors, or add location markers.

Your map purchase includes the GIS source files for the neighborhood boundaries in both Shapefile (.shp) and GeoJSON (.json) formats. We've also included the neighborhoods as a static SVG file and the city background features as a JPG file*. This allows you to extend our JavaScript map in new ways or even use our source data for original creations of your own.

Customize Online

*Raster image of Jacksonville was created using data from OpenStreetMap under the Open Database License 1.0 license. © OpenStreetMap.

Free Commercial
Commercial useAllowedAllowed
LicenseODbL 1.0Permissive
AttributionRequiredNot required
SVG (neighborhoods)
JPG* (city features)
Shapefile (.shp)
GeoJSON (.json)
JavaScript Map
Customizable Online
One-time feeFree$199
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're so confident in the quality of our map that we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If the map doesn't work out for you we'll happily refund your money.


Simple to Use

Customize maps by editing an online spreadsheet or simple text file. No knowledge of HTML5 or JavaScript is required. Step-by-step documentation makes installation painless.

Mobile Compatible

Our HTML5 maps look gorgeous on iPhones, Android devices and iPads. Our responsive maps automatically detect mobile devices and adjust navigation to be touch friendly.

Awesome Support

Get fast answers from the one of the map's developers. We're happy to troubleshoot any installation or customization issues that arise. Just ask!

Pinpoint Locations

Add location markers to the map using only latitude and longitude. Choose shapes or images. Easily customize the size, color, and description.

Clickable Neighborhoods

Click on a neighborhood (e.g. Gilmore) to zoom or go a specific url. Use the map to simplify your website's user interface.

Fully Customizable

Almost every aspect of the map can be customized. Colors, descriptions, links, labels, locations, regions and much more.

Included Neighborhoods

This map includes the following 206 neighborhoods:

    "11100": "Gilmore", 
    "11101": "Tallyrand", 
    "11102": "Arlington Hills", 
    "11103": "Fara Ways Forrest", 
    "11104": "Arlington Manor", 
    "11105": "Girvin", 
    "11106": "Longbranch", 
    "11107": "Regency", 
    "11108": "Holly Oaks", 
    "11109": "East Arlington", 
    "11110": "Springfield", 
    "11111": "Hogans Creek", 
    "11112": "Phoenix", 
    "11113": "Fairfield", 
    "11114": "Arlingtonwood", 
    "11115": "Lake Lucina", 
    "11116": "Monterey", 
    "11117": "Atlantic Blvd. Estate", 
    "11118": "Arlington", 
    "11119": "East Jacksonville", 
    "11120": "Alderman Park", 
    "11121": "LaVilla", 
    "11122": "Downtown Jacksonville", 
    "11123": "Midtown", 
    "11124": "Woodland Acrea", 
    "11125": "Clifton", 
    "11126": "Brooklyn", 
    "11127": "Sandlewood", 
    "11128": "Southside Estates", 
    "11129": "Atantic Highlands", 
    "11130": "Oak Haven", 
    "11131": "Southside", 
    "11132": "Golden Glades/The Woo", 
    "11133": "Empire Point", 
    "11134": "San Marco", 
    "11135": "Spring Glen", 
    "11136": "Love Grove/Riviera Ma", 
    "11137": "Glynea/Grove Park", 
    "11138": "St. Nicholas", 
    "11139": "Holiday Harbors", 
    "11140": "Spring Park", 
    "11141": "South Riverside", 
    "11142": "Miramer", 
    "11143": "Englewood", 
    "11144": "Hogan", 
    "11145": "Park Ridge", 
    "11146": "Beachwood", 
    "11147": "Sans Souci", 
    "11148": "Kilarney Shores", 
    "11149": "Isle of Palms", 
    "11150": "Beach Haven", 
    "11151": "Sans Pareil", 
    "11152": "Pine Forrest", 
    "11153": "Windy Hill", 
    "11154": "Tiger Hole/ Secret Wo", 
    "11155": "Brackridge", 
    "11156": "Greenfield Monor", 
    "11157": "Bowden", 
    "11158": "Secret Cove", 
    "11159": "South Point", 
    "11160": "San Jose", 
    "11161": "San Jose Forrest", 
    "11162": "Deerwood", 
    "11163": "Baymeadows", 
    "11164": "Deerwood Center", 
    "11165": "Monclair", 
    "11166": "Goodbys Creek", 
    "11167": "Briarwood", 
    "11168": "Royal Lakes", 
    "11169": "Baymeadows Center", 
    "11170": "Craven", 
    "11171": "Beauclec", 
    "11172": "Pickwick Park", 
    "11173": "Sunbeam", 
    "11174": "Mandarin Station", 
    "11175": "Arrowhead", 
    "11176": "Avenues", 
    "11177": "Deercreek", 
    "11178": "Mandarin", 
    "11179": "Southwood", 
    "11180": "Greenland", 
    "11181": "Loretto", 
    "11182": "Julington Creek", 
    "11183": "Del Rio", 
    "11184": "Bayard", 
    "11185": "Black Hammock Island", 
    "11186": "Eagle Bend", 
    "11187": "Forrest Trails", 
    "11188": "North Lake", 
    "11189": "Biscayne", 
    "11190": "Dinsmore", 
    "11191": "Garden City", 
    "11192": "Highlands", 
    "11193": "Jax Naval Air Station", 
    "11194": "Lakewood", 
    "11195": "Holiday Hill/Century", 
    "11196": "45th & Moncrief", 
    "11197": "College Gardens", 
    "11198": "Atlantic Beach", 
    "11199": "Neptune Beach", 
    "11200": "Baldwin", 
    "11201": "Jacksonville Beach", 
    "11202": "The Cape", 
    "11203": "Jamestown", 
    "11204": "Duval", 
    "11205": "Oceanway", 
    "11206": "San Mateo", 
    "11207": "Brown Island", 
    "11208": "East Point", 
    "11209": "North New Berlin", 
    "11210": "Copper Hill", 
    "11211": "College Park", 
    "11212": "Biscayne Terrace", 
    "11213": "Lincoln Hills", 
    "11214": "Sherwood Forrest", 
    "11215": "Cisco Gardens", 
    "11216": "Riverview", 
    "11217": "Osceola Forrest", 
    "11218": "Harborview", 
    "11219": "Ribault", 
    "11220": "Lake Forrest Hills", 
    "11221": "Picketville", 
    "11222": "Carver Manor", 
    "11223": "Edgewood Manor", 
    "11224": "Royal Terrace", 
    "11225": "Magnolia Gardens", 
    "11226": "Biltmore", 
    "11227": "Bulls Bay", 
    "11228": "Moncrief", 
    "11229": "Grand Park", 
    "11230": "29th & Chase", 
    "11231": "Marrietta", 
    "11232": "Allendale", 
    "11233": "Mid Westside", 
    "11234": "Paxton", 
    "11235": "Commonwealth", 
    "11236": "New Town", 
    "11237": "Woodstock", 
    "11238": "Robinsons Addition", 
    "11239": "Otis", 
    "11240": "Mixon Town", 
    "11241": "Whitehouse", 
    "11242": "Lackawanna", 
    "11243": "Edgewood", 
    "11244": "Riverside", 
    "11245": "Murray Hill", 
    "11246": "Normandy", 
    "11247": "Normandy Village", 
    "11248": "Rolling Hills", 
    "11249": "Crystal Springs", 
    "11250": "Avondale", 
    "11251": "Jacksonville Farms/Te", 
    "11252": "Hillcrest", 
    "11253": "Hyde park", 
    "11254": "Normandy Estates", 
    "11255": "Normandy Manor", 
    "11256": "Fairfax", 
    "11257": "Lakeshore", 
    "11258": "Cedar Hills Estates", 
    "11259": "Herlong", 
    "11260": "Ortega", 
    "11261": "Jax Heights West", 
    "11262": "Ortega Forest", 
    "11263": "Cedar Hills", 
    "11264": "Sweetwater", 
    "11265": "Jacksonville Heights", 
    "11266": "Confederate Point", 
    "11267": "Ortega Farms", 
    "11268": "Venetia", 
    "11269": "Oak Hill", 
    "11270": "Wesconnett", 
    "11271": "Jax Heights South", 
    "11272": "McGirts Creek", 
    "11273": "Yukon", 
    "11274": "Duclay Forest", 
    "11275": "Chimmey Lakes", 
    "11276": "Ortega Hills", 
    "11277": "Duclay", 
    "11278": "Settlers Landing", 
    "11279": "Maxville", 
    "11280": "Argyle Forrest", 
    "11281": "Pecan", 
    "11282": "Jax. North Estates", 
    "11283": "Pumpkin Hill", 
    "11284": "Turtle Creek", 
    "11285": "Fort George Island", 
    "11286": "Imeson Park", 
    "11287": "Hollyford", 
    "11288": "Blount Island", 
    "11289": "New Berlin", 
    "11290": "Lake Forrest", 
    "11291": "Little Marsh Hill", 
    "11292": "Mayport", 
    "11293": "Panama Park", 
    "11294": "Tallulah/ North Shore", 
    "11295": "Fort Caroline Shores", 
    "11296": "Charter Point", 
    "11297": "Beacon Hills & Harbou", 
    "11298": "St. Johns Bluff", 
    "11299": "Woodmere", 
    "11300": "North Beach", 
    "11301": "Cobblestone", 
    "11302": "Hidden Hills", 
    "11303": "Brentwood", 
    "11304": "University Park", 
    "11305": "Colony Cove"


Does the map work on iPhones and iPads?

Yes! It does.

Does the map require jQuery or other dependencies?

No. The map does not use any jQuery and it won't interfere with jQuery or other common libraries you may be using on your page.

What browsers are supported?

Chrome, Firefox, Safari 3.2+, iOS Safari 3.2+, Opera, Opera Mobile, Internet Explorer 7+, Android Browser 3+, Android Chrome and more.

Is it possible to add or change neighborhood boundaries?

Yes, please contact us for details.

Do you have any examples?

Sure! We haven't created any examples specific to Jacksonville. But you can see what's possible by checking out these US Examples or World Examples. These maps are built on the same framework (and therefore have the same functionality) as this Jacksonville map.

How is the commercial product licensed?

Since this product is a bundle, each part has its own license:

  • The interactive map is licensed on a per-domain basis under our standard map license.
  • The Shapefile (.shp) and GeoJSON (.json) files are licensed under our data license which is permissive but prohibits redistribution.
  • The background raster image is offered under the ODbL 1.0 license which requires attribution of the data source - OpenStreetMap. This is why the background image include © OpenStreetMap in the corner.

Is it possible to buy just the source data or just the interactive map instead of both?

No, currently these products cannot be purchased separately, only as a bundle.

Can I buy the GIS data for all of the cities?

Yes, this is offered under our Comprehensive US Neighborhoods Database.

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