We strive to create the best interactive maps on the web while also making it simple to customize and install them. Below are some of the features our customers love.


The map width can expand and contract to fit the space available on a device.

Intuitive Zooming

Zoom around the map by clicking on regions or using manual controls.

Mobile-friendly Popups

The map detects mobile devices and shows them clickable, mobile-optimized popups.

Latitude/Longitude Locations

Add locations to the map using latitude and longitude.

Custom Location Markers

Locations can be squares, circles, stars, pinpoint markers, hearts, triangles, or custom images.


Click on a state/country or location to navigate to a different webpage.

Pulse Locations

Emphasize locations with a pulse upon hover.

Split States

You can split states yourself or let us do it for you.

Add Pictures to Popups

Add pictures and other rich formatting to popups using HTML.

Rotate States

Rotate states to make them appear more level.

Customize Labels

Easily annotate the map with helpful labels.

State Background Images

Use background images to give states a custom look.

Visualize Statistics

Turn data into a heat map in seconds using our online tool.

Group States

Group states into regions to visualize relationships or create custom maps.

Search the Map

Extend the map with a script to make it searchable.

Make States Selectable

Extend the map with a plugin to make states selectable upon click.

Adjust the Aspect Ratio

It's easy to customize the initial view of the map. This is particularly helpful when adding the map to wide website designs.

Link Maps

Easily link maps together to create a drill-down effect.

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