High Resolution HTML5 World Map

Built with JavaScript and SVG

Compatible with all browsers and phones

Our high resolution HTML5 World Map contains more countries and more detail

The borders in our standard HTML5 World Map have been simplified to reduce the file size and allow the map to load as quickly as possible. Sometimes, however, a higher level of detail is needed. This map contains smaller countries and islands such as: Hong Kong, Singapore, Andorra, and Liechtenstein that don't exist in the standard map. Moreover, it provides a higher level of detail for country-level borders. For example, here is a screenshot comparing Norway in the two maps:

Illustration of High Resolution Map

Therefore, if you plan on using our map's country-level zooming, you'll want to consider this high resolution version. Note: this is not a separate product, it is just a special version of our HTML5 World Map and, upon purchase, is available for no additional charge.

Customize High Resolution World Map Online Learn more about our World Map


How much larger is this high resolution file?

It is about twice as big (or about .3 MB larger) than our standard world map.

Is there any extra cost to use this high resolution version?

No, this high resolution version is included with the purchase of a world map license.

How do I download this high resolution version?

First, use this link to customize the map online. Then, click: Options Download.

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