UK County Map

Built with JavaScript and SVG

Compatible with all browsers and phones

A special version of our HTML5 UK Map at the county level

This is a special vesion of our HTML5 UK Map that includes counties in the United Kingdom. What we mean by "county" varies by region:

Region Name Admin Type Admin Count
England Ceremonial Counties 47
Scotland Counties 6
Wales Preserved counties 8
Scotland Council Areas 32

Note: this is not a separate product, it is just a special version of our HTML5 UK Map and, upon purchase, is available for no additional charge.

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Is there any extra cost to use this county-level version?

No, this version is included with the purchase of a UK Map license.

Can I get this map as an SVG file?

Yes, please follow these instructions to export the map as a SVG or other static image file.

How do I download this special version of the UK Map?

First, use this link to customize the map online. Then, click: Options Download.

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