Map Visualization Service

Do you have unique data or an interesting idea? Let us turn it into a beautiful and engaging map.

Wouldn't you like to...

  • Reach more customers. People love maps! They will happily share yours on social media.
  • Enhance your brand. Beauty sells. An attractive map will make your business more credible.
  • Communicate more effectively. Most people are visual learners. A map is the best way to share spatial information.

Examples of our work

U.S. County-level Unemployment

A heat map of U.S. unemployment at the county level. The map is connected to a Federal Reserve API and updates itself automatically.

View Live Demo

U.S. Gold Medalist Hometowns

This zoomable map uses custom-image locations to visualize the hometowns of each U.S. gold medalist at Rio.

View Live Demo

Why use SimpleMaps?

We have been developing, selling, and supporting interactive maps for over 6 years. We know how to create beautiful, mobile-friendly maps. In addition, our PhD-educated data scientist is well-versed with GIS software, data cleaning, statistical modeling, web scraping and much more.

Our maps have been trusted by prestigious organizations such as the United Nations, Major League Baseball, and Harvard University. We've sold maps to a multitude of happy customers located around the world. Still on the fence? Check out reviews from some of our happy customers--you'll soon be won over.

Since we use our own map software, we don't have to pay third-party licensing fees. This saves us, and in turn you, money. Also, we built our map software and know it inside and out. This allows us to be incredibly productive and give you the best bang possible for your buck.

A hassle-free experience

We know how frustrating it can be to haggle with contractors over terms and pricing. So, we offer our service as an affordable package. It's simple, transparent and hassle-free.

Our map visualization package includes:

  • Any and all SimpleMaps licenses needed for your project.
  • Up to 8 hours of custom work from a data scientist experienced in mapping.
  • Social marketing assistance. We'll promote your map on our Twitter account and help you reach out to key influencers (details).

Package Price: $999

How does the process work?

  1. Contact us with your idea. We'll let you know if it is feasible and possible to complete within 8 hours.
  2. Purchase the package. Prepayment is required and allows us to keep prices affordable.
  3. Email us any data (or additional information) we'll need.
  4. You'll receive your map visualization within 7 business days.

Sound intriguing?

Take the next step in the process and tell us about the data (or idea) that you'd like to visualize on a map (no idea?). We'll let you know if it's feasible and how you can proceed. There is absolutely no obligation.

Please be as specific as possible so we can let you know if your project is feasible within 8 developer hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay extra if the project takes more than 8 hours?

No. After we approve your proposal, we'll work as long as necessary until the work is done. You don't bear any risk of the project "going over".

Will you accept any project for $999 no matter how complex?

No. We only accept projects that we estimate can be finished within 8 developer hours. Most projects can be done in this amount of time. However, ambitious projects that requires lots of custom code may be beyond the scope of this product. In such cases, we will give you a custom quote for the job based on a $100/hour rate for each additional expected hour of work.

What if the project takes less than 8 hours, do I receive a partial refund?

No. You're purchasing a product: a map visualization, not a chunk of hours. We're only able to bear the risk that some projects go over because other projects take less time.

Who will own the intellectual property that is created?

We maintain copyright ownership of the SimpleMaps library as well as any custom JavaScript/HTML/CSS that interfaces with the map. We grant you a license to use the map anywhere you like. You maintain ownership over any content that goes into the map as well as the unique visualization of that content.

Why is prepayment required?

We require prepayment because you are buying a product. After years of doing custom work, we've found that prepayment for small projects simplifies things. It allows us to focus on serious clients and spend our time making maps instead of hassling people to pay invoices. Please know that we are an established company that accepts orders using FastSpring, a reputable payment processor.

Are refunds available?

If we cannot complete your map visualization as proposed, we will happily refund your purchase. However, since you are buying a custom product, we're unable to offer a refund just because you've had a change of heart. That said, we'll do everything in our power to make sure you're satisfied with your visualization.

What do you mean by social marketing assistance?

We'll share your map on our Twitter account. Then, we'll provide you with a curated list of social media influencers that frequently share map visualizations.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we can. Please contact us for details.

I don't have an idea for a map visualization. Can you help me with that?

Sure! Just tell us a little bit about your business and what you're trying to achieve with the map. We'll come up with some ideas for you.

Sounds great! What's the first step?

Please fill out the form above or email us at [email protected] with your idea.

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