World Map with US States

Built with JavaScript and SVG

Compatible with all browsers and phones

A special version of our HTML5 World Map that includes all 50 US states

Many of our customers want to display U.S. information at the state level and international data at the country level. This is easy to do with this special version of our world map. It includes all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Each state is an independent entity and is functionally equivalent to a country. All states are part of the North America region. If you use this version, you likely want to use manual zooming so that users can easily view small states in the Northeastern United States.

If you have a lot of U.S. information, or you'd prefer the traditional U.S. map projection, there is an alternative. Simply use the normal HTML5 world map and link it to the U.S. map by following the tutorial in the documentation. This approach does require the purchase of both maps.

Note: this is not a separate product, it is just a special version of our HTML5 World Map and, upon purchase, is available for no additional charge.

Customize World/US Hybrid Map Online Learn more about our World Map


Is there any extra cost to use this high resolution version?

No, this high resolution version is included with the purchase of a world map license.

How do I download this special version of the world map?

First, use this link to customize the map online. Then, click: Options Download.

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