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When we started our company in 2010, we only sold Flash maps.  Flash was ubiquitous on all browsers and was much faster than JavaScript.  However, over the last few years mobile devices have become more and more important and Flash is not supported on these devices.  Moreover, browsers have become better able to display animations without the use of external plugins.  So, we rewrote our maps using JavaScript/HTML5.  Starting from scratch in a new programming language allowed us to add new features and simplify the installation and customization process based on years of customer feedback.  At this point, we have ceased development on Flash maps have gone all in on HTML5/JavaScript maps. Here are the main differences between the two technologies:

Advantages of Flash Maps
  • Fast on older computers and legacy browsers like IE6 and IE7.
  • Uniform experience across all computers.
  • Mature platform with lots of tools for developers (like us!)
Advantages of HTML5 Maps
  • Mobile compatibility. HTML5 maps work on mobile devices, Flash maps do not.
  • Responsiveness. HTML5 maps can be made to work with responsive designs.
  • Flexibility. These maps are written and controlled by JavaScript. That makes it much easier to integrate the map seamlessly with the DOM.

Technology changes quickly.  A few years ago, browsers were slower and Flash maps made sense for most users.  Today, HTML5 maps are just as fast and allow you to reach mobile visitors.  Flash maps only really make sense if most of your users are stuck using ancient browsers.

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