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Common properties
width The width of the map in pixels (e.g. '700'). Height is adjusted automatically. 'responsive' will make the map width responsive.
background_color The color of the background. White by default.
background_image_url Use an image for the background. The image will expand to fit mapinfo.initial_view unless main_settings.background_image_bbox is set.
background_transparent Makes it possible to see content behind the map. ['yes', 'no']
popups 'detect' - the map automatically detects mobile devices and shows them pop-ups on click and generates a link to the defined url.
'on_hover' - pop-ups always appear on hover.
'on_click' - pop-ups always appear on click.
'off' - pop-ups never appear.

Note: Depending on the map, state could refer to a state, province or country.

State defaults (can be overwritten for individual states)
state_color Default color of states. (e.g. 'blue' or '#0000FF')
state_hover_color Default color of states upon hover or 'off'. (e.g. 'darkblue' or '#000066')
state_description Default description for states. This will fill up the popup and can include HTML/CSS.
state_url Default url when states are clicked. (e.g. '')
all_states_inactive If "yes" all states are inactive by default. This means hovering or clicking on a state has no effect.
border_size The width of the stroke for state borders. 1.5 by default. It is often desirable to change this property if you make the map much larger or smaller than it's default settings.
border_hover_size The width of the stroke for state borders upon hover. Defaults to border_size value.
border_color Color of state borders. White by default. If the border color is the same as state_color it will not be possible to distinguish individual state boundaries.
border_hover_color Color of state borders upon hover. Defaults to border_color value.
state_image_url The url of the background image. Related state-specific properties can also be made defaults by prefixing them with 'state_'.
Note: States can only be pulsed via the API.
state_pulse_size The magnitude of the pulse. '4' by default.
state_pulse_speed The speed of the pulse in seconds. '.5' by default.
state_pulse_color The colorof the pulse. Defaults to state border color.
Location defaults (can be overwritten for individual locations)
location_color Default color of locations. (e.g. 'blue' or '#0000FF')
location_hover_color Default color of locations upon hover. (e.g. 'blue' or '#0000FF')
location_description Default description for locations. This will fill up the popup and can include HTML/CSS.
location_url Default url when locations are clicked. (e.g. '')
location_size The width of location squares. 12 by default.
location_type Shape of location markers. ['square', 'circle']
location_image_url If location_type is set to 'image', this is the url where the image resides [e.g. ''].
location_opacity The opacity of the location. [0-1]
location_hover_opacity The opacity of the location upon hover. [0-1]
location_border_color Default color of location borders. (e.g. 'white')
location_border Size of location border. (e.g. 2)
location_pulse If 'yes', locations will pulse.
location_pulse_size The magnitude of the pulse. '4' by default.
location_pulse_speed The speed of the pulse in seconds. '.5' by default.
location_hover_border Size of location border upon hover. (e.g. 2.5)
all_locations_inactive If "yes" all locations are inactive by default. This means hovering or clicking on a location has no effect.
all_locations_hidden If "yes" all locations are hidden by default.
custom_shapes You can expand the number of location shapes by creating this dictionary of SVG paths. Each path should be contained within a 1mm square box. Example: {diamond: "M 0,-0.5 -0.4,0 0,0.5 0.4,0 Z"}
Label defaults (can be overwritten for individual labels)
label_color Default color of labels. (e.g. 'white' or '#FFFFFF')
label_hover_color Default color of labels upon hover. (e.g. 'blue' or '#0000FF')
label_font Default font family for labels (e.g. 'Arial')
hide_labels When 'yes', labels will be hidden by default
hide_eastern_labels When 'yes', labels on the East Coast of the US map will be hidden. Only works with US map.
Zoom Settings
manual_zoom 'yes' adds zooming buttons and panning support to the map.
zoom 'yes' enables zooming based off of default regions. 'no' means that default regions will be ignored.
all_states_zoomable When set to 'yes', clicking on a state will zoom into that state instead of redirecting the page to the url. 'no' by default.
back_image_url Use an image url instead of back arrow for zooming out. (e.g. 'no' or 'back.png')
back_image Use image in images_directory instead of back arrow for zooming out. (e.g. 'no' or 'back.png')
initial_zoom The region the map start zoomed in to. '-1' is zoomed out.
initial_zoom_solo 'yes' hides the back arrow and adjacent continents when initial_zoom is not -1.
initial_back This property accepts JavaScript. When set, the back button will appear even when the map is fully zoomed out. Clicking on the button will execute this JavaScript. e.g. 'javascript: alert("You clicked the back button")',. Useful for linking maps.
navigation_size The width of the back arrow and zoom buttons 40 by default.
navigation_color The color of the back arrow and zoom buttons.
navigation_border_color The color of the border of the back arrow and zoom buttons.
arrow_color The color of the back arrow that can be clicked to zoom out. Inherits from navigation_color
arrow_border_color The color of the back arrow's border. Inherits from navigation_border_color
zoom_out_incrementally If 'no' clicking the back button will zoom all the way out. If 'yes', clicking the back button will zoom out to the previous level.
zoom_percentage The percentage of the canvas that a zoomed region or state should take up. (e.g. '.9', would create a 10% border around the zoomed state/region)
region_opacity Default opacity of regions (default '1')
region_hover_opacity Opacity of regions when hovered over (default'.6')
adjacent_opacity Opacity of adjacent states when zoomed in on a state or region. (e.g. '.3')
zoom_time The time in seconds to fly from one region/state to another during zooming. (e.g. '.5')
zoom_mobile Whether zooming on mobile devices should be smooth (instead of snapping to last frame). 'yes' by default.
Miscellaneous properties
div The id of the div that will be replaced by the map when the page loads. 'map' by default.
url_new_tab 'no' open urls in the same window. 'yes' open urls in new tab.
auto_load 'yes' means the map will load itself automatically. 'no' prevents the map from loading unless it is loaded manually using the JavaScript API.
images_directory The map will typically look for a map_images folder in the same directory as the usmap.js/worldmap.js file. If you'd like this directory to exist somewhere else, you can specify it's location here. Must end with /. e.g. ('')
fade_time The time in seconds it takes for hovered colors to return to their default color after the mouse leaves them. (e.g. .1)
link_text When mobile users click on a state they first see the description on must click this text to go to the defined url. '(Link)' by default.
location_popups Override popups for locations.
state_popups Override popups for states.
rotate Rotate the map's states and locations using degrees. (e.g. 90).
import_labels Whether to use the map's default labels. 'yes' by default to support older customizations. Use 'no' for version 3.6+ and edit labels via mapdata object.
scale_limit Point at which labels and locations should stop scaling so that they can be more easily clicked. Expressed as a fraction of the initial_view width. 0.125 by default.
Pop-up/tooltip styling (customize the look of the pop-ups)
popup_color The color of the pop-up background. 'white' by default.
popup_opacity The opacity of the pop-up. .9 by default. 1 is opaque. 0 is transparent. [0-1].
popup_shadow The size of the pop-up drop shadow. 1 by default. 0 removes the drop shadow. 2 would double the size of the default drop shadow. Note: IE 7 and 8 are unable to show the drop shadow.
popup_corners The radius of the rounded corners. 5 by default. 0 will make the pop-ups rectangles. Note: IE 7 and 8 do not support rounded corners and will always show rectangular pop-ups.
popup_font The default font for the pop-up. '12px/1.5 Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif' by default.
popup_nocss 'yes' turns off all css for the pop-up. You must then set your own css styles.
popup_orientation The position of the popup relative to the cursor. 'auto' by default moves the popup towards the middle of the map and away from the cursor. 'below' or 'above' are also options.
popup_centered Whether 'on_click' popups should be centered. 'auto' by default centers popups if the map is less than 400px wide. Makes the map more useable on mobile devices. 'yes' and 'no' are also options.
Keyboard Navigation(for accessibility and ease of use)
keyboard_navigation Whether the map should be navigatable by keyboard through dropdowns. 'yes', 'no', 'auto'. 'auto' is default and shows dropdowns when the map is tabbed over.
keyboard_omit Whether specific dropdowns should be omitted. ['navigate', 'locations', 'states', 'regions']. (e.g. 'states regions').

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