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It's now possible to easily add an interactive legend or key to our maps (v4.1+). A legend describes a group of locations or states based on what they have in common.

Legend Properties
html Optional. Allows you to overwrite the legend HTML. If omitted, the HTML will be generated automatically.

An array that includes all the entries in the legend. Each entry is an object that needs:

name The description of this group of locations/states (e.g. Offices).
color The color of this group of location/states. (e.g. red). Upon hover, the map will pulse all locations/states that have this color.
type Must be either location or state. Can't be both.
shape The shape to be used in the legend/key. ['circle', 'square', 'marker', 'triangle', 'heart', 'star', or 'diamond']. This does not have to match the state or location's shape on the map. All matching is done by color or ids.
ids Optional. Manually match the legend entry to states/locations with a string of the ids delimited by a comma. (e.g. 'ID,WA,MT').


Here's a simple example that creates a legend with an entry for all red locations:

legend: {
    entries: [
        name: "Offices",
        color: "red",
        type: "location",
        shape: "triangle"

You can create your legend using our online customization tool. Just go to the "Key" tab and fill out the online spreadsheet. For example, the above example can be created in the online tool with the following:

Here's another example using our US map. Click on the blue button to customize online.

Customize Example Online

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