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Part of what makes SimpleMaps unique is that you can host our maps on your website's server. That means that your map will continue to function even if our servers go down or we go out of business.

However, some webhosts make it difficult or impossible to upload JavaScript files. Or, you may want to update the map frequently and not have to mess around with uploading files every time you make a change. In these cases, we can host the map files and all you'll need to do is embed a snippet of code into your webpage.

To install the map while hosting your files on our server, follow these steps:

  1. Start customizing a new map using our online tool:

  2. Click on the green save button. Bookmark the unique url where your map resides.

  3. Purchase a map license. A license with active updates/support is required to host the map with us.

  4. Go back to the customization tool, register your purchase with the order id you were emailed (Options Register Purchase). If "Register Purchase" is not an option, we have automatically detected your license purchase.

  5. "Map Hosting" should now be an option under "Options". Select "Map Hosting", click "Host Map!" and then copy the embedding code.

  6. Paste the embedding code on your webpage where you want the map to appear.

  7. Important: The embedding code will never change. However, if you make changes to the map, you'll need to update hosting to push new changes to our servers.

Important Details

  • Due to ongoing costs, hosting requires active updates/support.
    You can extend your updates/support at any time (see pricing). If your updates/support expire, you will no longer be able to edit your map until you extend updates/support.

  • Hosting is intended for sites with low to medium traffic.
    If your map exceeds more than 25,000 views in a month, we reserve the right to terminate hosting. Contact us for a custom quote if you need hosting for a high traffic site.

  • We use AWS for map hosting
    They are quite reliable, but we can't be responsible for any downtime.

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