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Few things are more frustrating then spending 30+ minutes customizing the mapdata.js only to find that the map won't load. One way to avoid this problem is to save the mapdata.js frequently and check your progress as you go. If the map fails to load, you can just undo your most recent changes and quickly identify your error. However, this can be slow and isn't always practical.

Fortunately, errors are usually easy to identify because the problem is almost always the same:
If the page won't load, 90% of time, there is a missing (or extra) comma in the mapdata.js file.

To determine where the problem is located, do the following:

  1. Open the map in Chrome
  2. Click F12 to go to Developer Tools
  3. Click on the Console tab
  4. Look for the line number where you have made your error
  5. Locate that line number in your text editor and search for the mistake
  6. Fix the mistake, save the mapdata.js, and refresh your should now work!

If the map works in all browsers except Internet Explorer 7
That means that you left an extra comma after the last property in an object in the mapdata.js file. This is ok in all other browsers, but will throw an error in IE7. The following image shows you an example of omitting commas:

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