Add images to the popup | Documentation

It's easy to images to your map that will appear within the popup/tooltip upon hover/click. This tutorial will show to do this using just a little HTML.

Follow these steps:

  1. Upload your image/s to your server or anywhere on the web.

  2. Copy the url/s where you've saved your images. For example, we've uploaded a picture of a frog to: If you go to this url in the browser, you should see your image.

  3. Craft a line of HTML with an <img> tag whose src contains the url you just saved:

    <img src="" />
  4. If your image is too big, you can use inline CSS to make it smaller:

    <img src="" style="width: 75px" />
  5. Paste the snippet of HTML into the online customization tool in the Description column.

    Note: This is equivalent to updating main_settings.state_description or state_specific[state_id].description in the mapdata.js file.

  6. That's it, your image should appear! Feel free to add text or other HTML above or below your image.

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