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Version 3.0 is a major release that includes many requested features. However, it also requires a few backwards incompatible changes. If you answer "yes" to any of the below questions, you'll need to make some changes before upgrading:

  1. Are you using the JavaScript API?

    If so, you'll need to change the syntax you use to interface with the map. The changes are documented below:

    Old 2.X Syntax New 3.X Syntax
    simplemaps_worldmap() simplemaps_worldmap.load()
    simplemaps_worldmap_refresh() simplemaps_worldmap.refresh()
    simplemaps_worldmap_zoom(#) simplemaps_worldmap.region_zoom(#)
    simplemaps_worldmap_state_zoom(#) simplemaps_worldmap.state_zoom(#)

    Why? This change in syntax allows us to expand the functionality of the api without having to create more and more global variables.

  2. Are you using JavaScript Hooks?

    If so, you'll need to change the syntax you use. The changes are documented below:

    Old 2.X Syntax New 3.X Syntax
    simplemaps_worldmap_click(id) simplemaps_worldmap.hooks.click_state(id)
    simplemaps_worldmap_locclick(id) simplemaps_worldmap.hooks.click_location(id)
    simplemaps_worldmap_region_click(id) simplemaps_worldmap.hooks.click_region(id)
    simplemaps_worldmap_over(id) simplemaps_worldmap.hooks.over_state(id)
    simplemaps_worldmap_out(id) simplemaps_worldmap.hooks.out_state(id)
    simplemaps_worldmap_locover(id) simplemaps_worldmap.hooks.over_location(id)
    simplemaps_worldmap_locout(id) simplemaps_worldmap.hooks.out_location(id)
    simplemaps_worldmap_back() simplemaps_worldmap.hooks.back()
    simplemaps_worldmap_complete() simplemaps_worldmap.hooks.complete()

    See the JavaScript Hooks docs for some examples on how to properly implement the new syntax. Note that js_hooks is no longer needed.

    Why? The new approach involves redefining methods that already exist. This is more efficient than looking on the page for functions with a certain name (the old approach).

  3. Are you using location labels?

    Location labels are labels that are tied to locations and only appear at the region level. If you have location labels, you will have:

    label: 'yes',

    as a property of one or more locations in your mapdata.js file.

    In version 3.0, location labels have been deprecated. Labels are now independent entities in the mapdata.js file and can be linked not only to locations, but regions and states. Please see the labels documentation to learn how to recreate your location label by creating a label that is tied to a location.

    Why? The new approach is cleaner and much more flexible.

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